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Below are words of appreciation from people who have worked with Boyd Auctions. If you would like to provide feedback on our services, please contact us.

Gold Jewelry

Dear John and Maureen,

Your professionalism and extensive experience really made all the difference for Children's trust Find in this volatile economy. Thank You for your excellent work to achieve strong auction results in these challenging times. It's wonderful to know that I can always count on you. Bravo!

Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS

President, Kingston Auction Company


Hi Maureen,

We just wanted to take a moment to send an email to congratulate you on a great auction! This is the first of your auctions that we've attended but, as the saying goes, it won't be the last!!!

We especially enjoyed your brisk pace, your attention to the right level of detail about the items, and your ability to make an auction fun... one of our primary concerns when talking about auctioneers. So many auctioneers take way too long to get the bidding started because they seem to want to walk down the dollar scale from where they want to be versus where the bidders want to start. You repeatedly got the action started quickly by moving the dollar amounts down to the starting point. We also liked the fact that this prompted, as you often said, "an auction" where people in the room were energized by the action of the bidding. There were no long silences while you waited out the bidders; you let them set the dollar amount and, in almost every case, went on to get a very reasonable bid.

In short, we enjoyed ourselves and, by the energy in the room, consider that others did as well. Great job! Our daughter and son-in-law (Karen and Erik Kampmann) said it was worth the drive... they were right. We'll be back!!!


Cindy and George Short

We have been attending Boyd Auctions for ten years since relocating from New York. Our home is filled with beautiful things acquired at their auctions, and we have also used their appraisal services with great satisfaction. Most impressive is their consummate skill in conducting their auctions with integrity and knowledge while making it a fun experience. It's always been a treasure hunt at Boyd Auctions!

Marge and Mick Lee

Louis Vitton Trunk

I want to extend my sincere thanks to both of you for the efficient and workmanship way in which you handled the auction of my collection of a lifetime of my deceased wife.

Your hard work of three people from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. loading your truck to capacity from a largely a crawl space with soaring temperature and then setting it up for auction; so eye appealing at the auction center was far above my expectations. With all the work you did you more than earned the commission you charge. To top this all off I was amazed to get a computer printout describing every one of the one hundred and seventy-eight items individually bid with the final bid price on each item. Best of all, not a single item was missed on the printout.

I had heard so many complimentary stories about your auction and your handling of it that I took it with a grain of salt but now I am totally convinced of their truths and I certainly will become one of your biggest boosters. Many thanks to you and John.

Sincerely Yours, Arthur E. Wicklund

Dear Maureen,

Thank You for your service and the wonderful items you present at your auctions, some of which we have at our home now. Thank you also for your mailed announcements of auctions as I am not online. Your auctions are the best and much enjoyed.

Thank you again Janet Corriveau

Dear Maureen and John,

I wanted to write and Thank you for all the work you did on the auction& cleaning out of my house and barn. This has been a very emotional time for all of us & none of us could find the courage to be at the auction. But we all appreciate your professionalism and your kindness. The money you sent will pay for a lot of things and give me a small nest egg for emergencies.

Again, many thanks for everything.

Regards, Anne

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